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About Us

Our Story

The business was founded in 1996. Nowadays it is presented by two main branches of business:


- "Unistroy" (website in Russian) brand that operates in the residential real estate sector.


- "UD Group" (website in Russian) brand operates in the commercial real estate sector.

Who We Are

G-Group is the leader of real estate market in the Republic of Tatarstan for current development portfolios. We are currently building more than 340,000 sq m and are one of the Top 20 biggest developers in the Russian Federation.



At the moment, we operate in three regions - Samara, Ufa and Kazan.


In more than 20 years, we have constructed more than 1,300,000 sq m of houses, and our current construction portfolio exceeds 1,000,000 sq m.


Our portfolio of malls and business centres exceeds 150,000 sq m.

Our Vision

Our mission is to build a future that exceeds expectations.



Our strategy is to focus on growing in strategic regions to achieve a major presence in the Russian market.


Why Us

Deep Industry Knowledge

To keep the leading positions of our companies, we use advanced technologies, state-of-art methods, new investment tools, and current management system and practices.



G-Group's companies are led by teams of like-minded professionals, united by a single goal: making people's lives better.

Long-term partner

G-Group's companies are known as a trustworthy partner that never breaks its obligations to customers and partners. 


We have friendly relations with a powerful coordinated pool of financial and industry partners and friends of the company, the reliability of which was verified by time and confirmed by successfully finished projects. 


We work for more than 20 years and our brands "Unistroy" and "UD Group" are well-known leaders of the regional market. 


Contact Us

Our Address

Zhurnalistov str.,  62

Kazan, Russia 420029

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